New job!

Today is my first day at Boston University!

I will be working for 2 years with Sergio Fagherazzi and his group in the Department of Earth and Environment, as part of my new postdoc fellowship supported by Horizon 2020’s Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions.

I will be back in Antwerp in September 2021!

NCK symposium: Hydro-morphodynamic research in the Western Scheldt estuary

On October 29, I was invited in Delft to give a talk about how plants are shaping (intertidal) landscapes in the framework of a symposium organized by the Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research (NCK):

See my slides.

New paper in Nature Geoscience!

I am very proud that our new paper on how tidal marsh plants and their colonization strategies can impact their own landscape environment has been published in Nature Geoscience, and picked up as “News and Views” in September issue!

C. Schwarz, O. Gourgue, J. van Belzen, Z. Zhu, T.J. Bouma, J. Van de Koppel, G. Ruessink, N. Claude and S. Temmerman. Self-organization of a biogeomorphic landscape controlled by plant life-history traits. Nature Geoscience, 11:672-677, 2018.

Dov Corenblit. Species signatures in landscapes. Nature Geoscience, 11:621-622, 2018.

RCEM 2017

On September 18 to 21, I was in Padova, Italy, to participate to the 10th Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics (RCEM):

I presented a poster about my work on the development of a bio-geomorphic model for intertidal landscapes, where I also introduced the convolution method I am developing for spatial refinement of flow velocity fields around vegetation patches.

See abstract and poster.

The photo has been taken during a very exclusive boat trip on the Venice Lagoon at the end of the conference.